UPDATE 9-17 Chairwomen Cupid sent out an announcement stating that the solid waste code amendment was removed from consideration. It was for now. But what she failed to mention is that She insisted that it be brought back in January in the motion she made. Why did Ms. Cupid leave this fact out to mislead residents.

She listed a number of concerns about trash collection then went on to say county staff in response to commissioners concerns, crafted a plan that would ensure consistent trash Service. We know that plan would have been a disaster. But Ms. Cupid's admission that the staff bypassed listening to residents and crafted a plan based upon the direction from commissioners is not consistent with "none of the commissions were ever for the plan". So which is it? After talking to commissioners it sounds like it was Ms. Cupid that directed all of this. She refuses to back down and is trying to mask it.

Next she mocks all of us and tries to discredit the concerns raised. Then she goes on to say that those on social media stoked fears about a tax. She again avoids talking about the fee written into the language or that county discussed having the haulers collect an environmental and sustainability fee from their customers to be paid to the county. Then she urges people not to listen to our concerns. Is this the leadership Cobb County deserves? Where is the responsible adult in the room that tells the truth? It's not Ms. Cupid when she behaves this way!

UPDATE 9-13 Chairwomen Cupid blocked efforts to reject the proposed changes and instead insisted that proposal be brought back in January. Cupid and Shelfield claim that were were always against one hauer per district. But that doesn't mean they are against many other aspects of the proposal including a fee. Commissioner Birrell called for the proposal to be rejected to give the haulers time to address issues and time for the public to have input. Then only after its established there is still a need should a new proposal be drafted. Cupid rejected this and forced a vote to bring back the proposal in January. This isn't over. They have an agenda and they are not willing to listen to the citizens.

UPDATE 9/9 PM a meeting was held with some of the haulers this morning and Cobb County. The haulers came with some suggestions with potential improvements. Cobb County did not present a data on complaints to help the haulers have a clear view into the various kinds of complaints. The county wants the haulers to collect a new fee.

Hopefully the county will allow time for effective solutions to be put in place and will be transparent about any new fees. That's why you need to show up Tuesday sep 13 and let them know you don't want any costly rubbish dumped into our codes.

UPDATE 9/9am Cobb County is holding a private meeting at 10:00AM with select haulers. This meeting was called so fast not all haulers could participate. Hopefully this is the start of the county getting educated on what is realistic and why their proposals if it were implemented would wreck the industry. Stay Villigent and plan to attend the 9.13 hearing at 9:00 AM 100 Cherokee Street.

UPDATE: 9/3 Finally we have three commitments to vote to table this proposal after the hearing on 9/13. This will allow time to find solutions that work to improve the situation. But in time this could still come back. It is still important to come on the hearings that will still be held on 9/13 or 9/27 and provide your input now. Thanks to Commissioner Richardson for he leadership on this position and announcing today that she will support tabling the proposal. Thanks also to commissioner Gambrill and Commissioner Birell for supporting taking the time to go through the right process. We look forward to also being able to thank the Chairwoman and Comissionner Sheffield.

UPDATE: 9/1 During the 9/1 work secession again, Dr. Jenkins said the county is still looking at implementing a zone system where the county can take the zone away from the haulers. Lisa Cupid did not commit to taking more time or state support for tabling. They may very well pass something on the sep 27 that still sets the county up to incrementally implement the current proposal. Until there is a commitment from the Chair to vote to table this on Sep 13, this is not over! There is not legal impediment to the chair taking a position that she supports tabline and taking more time. Also note that at 8:30 minutes into the 9/2 video, Lisa Cupid states one of the goals is an environmental and sustainability fee. Note that they will not tell you how much this is. They deflect by saying the amount is not written in the proposal.

Watch the 8/31 Work Secession (Trash Haulers Sumit) https://youtu.be/ZxahsxbT9Eg

UPDATE: On 8/23, during a discussion by the board, Commissioner Birrell ask that the code be pulled and reworked to allow time engage with the community and the collectors. Chairman Cupid blocked pulling the code change so to keep the code change put through on the current schedule. She made a statement about hauler choice to make it sound that the issue is resolved yet has never said that any provisions in the code are dead. If she were not going forward with the change she made a statement she supports taking more time. Tell the board to pull the code changes form consideration and vote on september 27. One month isn't time for such an important issue to be resolved so many different business and differing customer requirements and to have town halls to get your input, write the code, and have town halls to review a new proposal. Three weeks its not enough time for the community to learn about what is being proposed and provide meaningful feed back. We need a good job not a rush job! Tell the board to table the solid waste code changes and let everyone have the time needed to be involved!

WATCH the 8/23 work secession (42 minute mark chapter 102) here: https://youtu.be/tewquCuaIMU